Cory Keating

Posted on: April 8, 2019 at 6:40 pm

AKA Handler Zac
Head Judge of QPHC 2019

Handler Zak has been in the Pup & Handler scene for many years, from starting as a Pup in Boot Youth to then handling pups in both Queensland and Victoria.

During the early years, the pups of Brisbane would congregate at the monthly Boot Youth sessions, having no group to call their own. Seeing this need, several pups and handlers in the Brisbane scene laid the foundations of what is now Q-PAH today.

Zak is self-defined as a community handler, not claiming ownership of any specific pup, but instead being a handler to any and all pups, whether for an hour, day or even a few weeks. Zak also enjoys introducing new or curious handlers to the scene, helping them understand the difference between the different methods of handling pups. One of Zak’s favourite things is watching a new pup or handler grow, both in themselves and in the Pup & Handler community, delighting in each little discovery they encounter.


Regular Mosh's: A monthly mosh night on the Third (3rd) Wednesday of each month From 7:30pm onwards

We also hold bi monthly Munch and Mosh for people who can attend Wednesdays this is a lunch with a possible mosh afterwards. Please check our events listing for more information.