Pup Buster

Posted on: April 8, 2019 at 11:29 pm

Pup Buster
AKA Kevin Stoker

This is Pup Buster, who also goes by Kevin in his muggle life. While Buster is pretty new to the pup scene, Kevin says he’s been inside for quite a while waiting to “bust” out.

Kevin’s interest in pup play was first piqued around 3 years ago upon first hearing of the kink. From there, he would research it online occasionally. But it wasn’t until he got to try on a friend’s hood last year that he was truly hooked. Once that happened, it was a fast ride to getting his own gear and signing up to Q-PAH.

From that very first experience with the hood until this very day, he loves talking about pup play and delights in helping interested people to find their inner pup and become a part of this amazing community.


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