Pup Sparky

Posted on: April 8, 2019 at 11:17 pm

Tally Master

Hey everyone, my name is Sparky and I’m a beta pup to my Sir and Alpha, James and Cobalt.

Sir says I’m a Husky puppy because I like to whine and argue a lot! I first met Sir in April 2017 and was a massive bundle of nervous and barely said a word. I bet Sir misses that now! Sir thinks I’m a cheeky puppy but I don’t think so, I’m an innocent angel pupperino.

I like to help out at community events and make people feel welcomed, I am an easy going puppy and happy to chat to anyone. I want to make sure everyone feels welcome in our community no matter their kinks or fetishes. In 2018 I competed at APHC. One thing about me is I love to poke bellybuttons! They are made perfectly for paws to poke! So everybody I can’t wait to poke your bellybuttons!


Regular Mosh's: A monthly mosh night on the Third (3rd) Wednesday of each month From 7:30pm onwards

We also hold bi monthly Munch and Mosh for people who can attend Wednesdays this is a lunch with a possible mosh afterwards. Please check our events listing for more information.