Q: What does QPHC stand for and when did it start?

A: Queensland Pups and Handler Competition and was started in 2018 under Q-PAH’s banner Click here to see a historical list of winners.

Q: What requirements do i need to meet to be 
eligible to compete?

A: You must be a current financial member of Q-PAH, live in Queensland and be 18 years of age or older.

Q: Why do people Enter into QPHC?

A: This one is a hard question to answer as people enter for different reasons here is a few examples:

Some enter to further knowledge and learn them selves on who they are as a pup or handler thus growing them selves.

Some join to see not only them selves grow but help put their mark in our community.

Q: Should I Enter into QPHC?

A: If you can say yes to any of these then we would recommend entering.
* Self Learning / growing.
* Want to go up the title holder ladder.
* Want to help QPAH grow with in the community.
* Have an interest in the puppy and or leather or fetish community.
and there is plenty more. but most of all you need to be able to say:
“yes, i am doing this for myself”.


Regular Mosh's: A monthly mosh night on the Third (3rd) Wednesday of each month From 7:30pm onwards

We also hold bi monthly Munch and Mosh for people who can attend Wednesdays this is a lunch with a possible mosh afterwards. Please check our events listing for more information.